In 1954 the head of the “association,” Laurie Cathles, offered five acres of land on his property way up on Westledge Road as a permanent location for the club. But with no money to build a court, the “association” had to decline. However, the 1955 hurricane and flood changed everything. The hurricane’s deluge ruined Mrs. Hendrick’s court. That year, the group was invited to use the Westminster School’s new courts. At the 1956 annual meeting it was agreed that the “association” would accept the Cathles land offer and build a court. With only $250 in the treasury, annual dues were raised to $20 and bonds were issued at $60 for a single and $120 for a family. (The bonds were redeemable if and when the club ever had the money; they were all repaid years later).

After reviewing construction bids, the membership decided to build two clay courts itself. With great enthusiasm and much backbreaking work, construction was completed during the summer of 1956 at a cost of $4,632. That year, the club also incorporated and renamed itself “The Hop Brook Tennis Club Inc.” The beginning of the current clubhouse was the gift of a barn that was moved to the location in 1959 for the great sum of $371.