1. Regular and consistent court watering is essential for proper court maintenance. The watering schedule is set for specific times when the courts are not available for sign up. Please do not interfere with the sprinkler schedule for any reason. A member of the Grounds Committee may be contacted for any problems or scheduling changes.

  2. Players are to sweep their court and the lines after each use. Please hang brushes in the appropriate spots after each use (on the sides of Court 1 and in between Courts 2 & 3).

  3. Tennis and Paddle courts are available for specific time slots. The sign-up should indicate the names of all of the players in each time slot. A group of players may not sign up for two consecutive time slots.

  4. Tennis and Paddle courts may not be reserved more than one week in advance.

  5. If a member is unable to use a reserved court, please cancel the reserved court as soon as possible.

  6. Associate members may use the courts, but their usage should be limited to no more than two times a calendar month.

  7. We welcome guests at our facility providing that they do not use the court more than twice a calendar month. A member must accompany any guests. It is the host members responsibility to determine the number of times an individual has been a guest during any calendar month.

  8. Do not play on the courts if they are wet or soft (you should not be able to make an impression in the court with your foot).

  9. Proper tennis attire must be worn -- wear tennis shoes with sole tread design specific to soft courts (no street shoes, jogging/running shoes, sandals, bare feet).

  10. Children must be supervised at all times.

  11. No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed on the courts or court side.

  12. Appropriate decorum is expected at all times.

Click here for a PDF version of these rules.