About Us

The Hop Brook Tennis Club enjoys a tradition of community.
The Club belongs to the members and is run by the members. While the Board and the Committees of the Club manage the work to be done, all of the membership pitches in to maintain the courts and grounds and to self-cater the social activities. This spirit of contribution is a unique characteristic of the club and enhances the camaraderie of the members.

President: Ted Almy
Vice President: Jim Peters
Secretary and Vice President: Mark Howland
Treasurer: Todd Raymond
Board of Governors: Althea Schwartz, Charlie McCormick, Tom Duffy, Tracy Tietje


Paddle/Snow Removal: Jim Peters
Grounds: Pat Sullivan and Steve Perkins
House: Betsy Richards
Beautification Maura Almy
Annual Meeting: Board of Governors
Social Media/Mailings: Mark Howland
Men’s League: Chris Arciero
Website: Board of Governors
Capital Improvements: Board of Governors
Membership: Jeanne Striefler, Todd Raymond, Mark Howland